Business Automation

Contemporary business automation systems are becoming more custom made and client tailored. Consequently, IT solutions are becoming smarter, going beyond the traditional boundaries. For instance, an artificial intelligence, integrated into the standard supply chain management system, can be a strategic gizmo that enables a wholesaler to win the marker share from competition. Thereby, it is inevitable to imagine a successful businesses without proper management of business processes, workflow and business intelligence to maintain a competitive edge. ZemZem Soft utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to develop the best-of-breed business automation, intelligence and workflow management software solutions. Our solutions provide the capabilities to make timely, weighed and considered business decisions.
Business Automation services include the development of the following solutions:
  • • Business Intelligence Systems Development
  • • Workflow Management Systems Development
  • • Issue Tracking Systems Development
  • • Project Management Systems Development

ZemSCM - Supply Chain and Inventory Management Solutions

ZemSCM system enables clients to track the stock at the warehouse and analyze price trends of purchased and sold goods. The system provides up-to-date information on overall inventory, movement and storage of inventory. Inefficient inventory holding is costly for a business. Inventory optimization system analyzes the inventory cycles. As a result system advices the optimal stock levels so that business can reduce the holding cost and increase the profitability. Current version of SCM is designed for wholesalers and distributors in all ranges. Developed system can easily be localized for any regulatory and language environment. Contemporary, SCM system is the important business asset, which enables businesses to be profitable and competitive.
Our Inventory Asset Management Software Development services include the development of the following solutions:
  • • Inventory Management System Development
  • • Warehouse Management Software Development
  • • Logistics Management Application Development
  • • Market Price Trend Analysis Software Development

ZemEduPAS - Course scheduling and automation software

Contemporary course scheduling software is capable of solving the most hard-lined issues of private educational companies. Software allows companies to keep track of student performance, optimize classroom capacity, schedule courses, monitor course fees and track student payments. Multi-user role management system enables instructors directly enter student grades and complete student assessments. Zem easy reporting system allows extracting reports directly to Excel spreadsheet, making it more convenient for further data processing. Software comes in multi languages such as English, Russian, Turkish and Turkmen. Software can easily be customized for any additional client requirements.
  • • Course Payment Management System Development
  • • Grades and Student Assessment Application Development
  • • Course Scheduling and Class Optimization Software Development