a - Advertising Agency

a.1 - Problem Statement

One of the leading advertising agencies in Turkmenistan faced cost over runs and the reduction of profit margins. Company was growing rapidly, but client order fulfillment started stagnating slowly. Increase of staff numbers also created additional difficulties such as the expansion of facilities, increase of overheads and payroll expenses.

a.2 - Solution

ZemZem Soft identified the problem statement and developed full scale custom ERP system that keeps the track of client orders, inventory levels at the warehouse and enables keep the track of sales records. The system eliminated traditional paperwork which was one of the major factors for process inefficiency. As a result, employees had more time to fulfill the client orders and agency avoided incurring additional cost. Implementing role management system, employee responsibilities were clarified as well as restricted from each other. Consequently, sales managers, accountants and employees at the production section improved their coordination and collaboration. In addition the system created internal control and data warehousing.

b - Textile Complex

b.1 - Problem Statement

One of the largest textile complexes of the country, with over 3000 employees, had inefficiency of collecting and processing data from looms. Equipment data was in multiple formats and stored in MS Excel. Absence of single consolidated system created redundancy in reporting.

a.2 - Solution

As a result, ZemZem Soft developed business workflow management solution. The program application consolidated data from different weaving looms. Collected information categorized as production volume, equipment error, product quality and weaver’s efficiency. The application allows users to generate reports on monthly and daily basis. As a result, textile complex streamlined the data management and data warehousing. System eliminated the necessity of the holding additional number of employees and hardware. The software was developed in such way that new additional features and modules could easily be integrated.